COACHING "If you want to reach your weight loss goals, you must shrink the size of your BUT"


Join me for my 4 week coaching program
“Life Lessons for Life Long Weight Loss”

Do you want to stop overeating and lose weight forever?  I know how, and it is my absolute pleasure to teach you!
During my 4 week coaching program, you will learn some invaluable life lessons for permanent weight loss.

I remember what it felt like to be overweight.  The thought of not struggling with my weight seemed impossible.
I didn’t believe that I could ever reach my ideal weight and maintain it for the rest of my life, naturally and with ease,
and end my weight loss struggles forever.

I have spent a significant portion of my life investing in finding a solution for permanent weight loss,
and I have achieved my goal weight, for good.  To this day it is a gift that just keeps on giving!
  Gone are the days of yo-yo dieting and losing and gaining the same kilograms over and over and over again.

When it comes to losing weight permanently, you must treat the cause, or the results will be temporary.
This means that you have to identify the reasons why you overeat, and solve those reasons.
We all would love a magic pill or quick fix to end our weight loss woes,
but I’m just going to be honest here – there is no such thing.
Steady and sustainable will win this one, my friends!

I will teach you about the hunger and cravings involved in overeating,
and why these factors need to be managed and resolved in order to
lose weight permanently.  Managing your hunger means managing
your emotions, and this is a skill set you need to learn if you want 
to end your struggle with losing weight.

Maintaining your hormones is also one of the many keys to losing weight.
Understanding how to recalibrate your hunger and end the habit of
emotional overeating will lead you to develop a healthy relationship
with food, using it to nourish yourself and thrive, emotionally and physically.

In these coaching sessions you will discover how to deal with those
irresistible urges and cravings to overeat, not to mention the endless
mind noise and negative self talk that go along with it. 
In doing this we will be able to design a way of eating and thinking
especially and exclusively for you, to serve your specific body. 

Losing your weight for the last time is the most incredible journey of transformation… are you coming?